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7/5.5mm 5/3.5mm 8/6mm 10/8mm 12/10mm 14/10mm 16/12mm 20/16mm HDPE LZSH STR Micro Duct Straight Connector Coupler

Part Number

Tube To Connector: Polyethylene HDPE
Fluid: Air with blowing system
Working Pressure: 20 bar
MAX. Pressure: 28 bar
Userful Life: 25 years
Tube Assembly: No tooling required
Water Ingress Test: 0.5 bar during 168 hours
Working Temperature: -45℃/+50℃
Transport And Storage Temperature: -10℃/+50℃
Type: Micro Duct Connector


Tube to connector
Polyethylene HDPE
Air with blowing system
Working Pressure
20 bar
MAX. Pressure
28 bar
Userful life
25 years
Tube assembly
No tooling required
Water ingress test
0.5 bar during 168 hours
Working temperature
Transport and storage temperature
Installation temperature
Recommended blowing temperature
Outdoor exposure limit @Cetral Europe
12 months
Protection class
High pressure resistance(safety)
According to Standards
CEI EN 50411-2-8,EN 50411-2-5
Related documents
Related documents
ISO 3601,ISO 4397:1993(2000),ISO4399:1995

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