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Optic Patch Panel Universal Distribution Frame 3U MEB Subrack


1. Capacity for 12 modules.
2. For sites in racks of 23″.
3. Polished, PC, UPC, APC.
4. Depth Max.35cm.
5. 3U & 4U are Available.
1. Aluminum Body 2mmTreaty
2. Fiber cores available:Single, Double or Triple.
3. Applicable to the depth of EUROCARD and ETSI.
4. Complies with DIN 41494 and IEC EUROCARD 602997.
5. Connector Type: SC, FC, LC, ST, etc, single mode or multimode.
6. 12 interchangeable adaptors in front of the module Capacity for 12 adaptors: FC, SC, LC / duplex, etc.

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