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Drop Wire 1-2 Core With Messenger

Part Number

NextFiber, Drop Cable G657A2 With FRP Messenger 1 Core
NextFiber, Drop Cable G657A2 With FRP Messenger 2 Core
Drop cable is usually used for FTTH needs, connecting to homes. This particular type of Drop Cable is often used in Indonesia.


Drop Wire/Drop Cable directly connected to their homes. The optical fiber unit ID positioned in the center, two parallel strength member are placed at the two sides. A steel wire as the additional strength member is also applied, then the cable is completed with a black HDPE sheath.


1. Good mechanical and environmental characteristic.

2. Anti-UV

3. The mechanical characteristics according to relevant standards.

4. Soft, flexible, easy to lay and splice, and big capacity data transmission.

5. Often used by market and clients.


* Cable Construction Details

Number Of Fiber in Drop Cable 1~2 Core
Strength Member Material Galvanized steel wire/FRP/KFRP
Diameter 2*(0.5~0.8) mm
Self support Messenger Wire Material Galvanized steel wire
Diameter 1.0 mm
Outer Sheath Material LSZH
Diameter 1.8±0.2 mm
Cable Size (Height * width) 2.0 (±0.1) mm × 5.2 (±0.2)mm
Cable Sheath Thickness Max. 0.8 mm/Min. 0.4 mm
Messenger Sheath Thickness 0.5~0.7 mm
Cable Weight 1~2core 18.2KG
4~6core 18.5KG

* Cable Mechanical Characteristic

Items Description
Installation Temperature Range (℃) -20+60
Operation And Transport Temperature (℃) -40+70
Min Bending Radius (mm) Long term 15 D
Min Bending Radius (mm) Short term 30 D
Min allowable Tensile Strength (N) Long term 300
Min allowable Tensile Strength (N) Short term 600
Crush Load (N/100mm) Long term 1000
Crush Load (N/100mm) Short term 2200

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