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Closure Dome 144 Cores

Part Number

No. of Fiber: 144
Type: FTTx Solutions
Materials for dome and base: PP alloy
Material for the tray: ABS
Size: 710*240*260
Capacity of each tray: 72C
Waterproof grade: IP68


Closure Dome 144 Cores is used for aerial cable and be put on pole. And its main function is as protector for a connector towards the outside environment and as a cable checkpoint depends on the core capacity which vary.

Closure Dome 144 Specification:
Performance Characteristics:
Materials for dome and base: PP alloy;
Material for the tray: ABS
Size: 710 * 240 * 260;
Max capacity: 576 C
Capacity of each tray: 72 C
5 round ports with dia. of—-< Φ 35 mm
1 oval port with size of —-< Φ 42 mm * Φ 65 mm

Other Products: Not only we provide Joint Closure Dome, but we have other various products. We suggest you to take a look at our FTTH product list.

About NextFiber

NextFiber was found on 2015 as a growing brand, which provides needs for telecommunication infrastructure. Through brand and product developments consistently and without rest, NextFiber able to become one of the leading brand exist which provides passive materials for telecommunication projects with its product heroes, such as Optical Distribution Point, Optical Termination Box, Optical Distribution Cabinet, Joint Closure Inline and Dome, Pedestal, Drop Cable, etc.

Since NextFiber first operating, we have been contributing in 88% of Palapa Ring city projects in Indonesia, using more than 50 type of products. Until now, we are committed to keep on developing innovations to produce new products and widen its market.

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