Drop Cable 1-6 Core With Messenger

FTTH Cable directly connected to their homes, their bandwidth, wavelength and transmission technology type are not restricted. The optical fiber unit id positioned in the centre. Two parallel strength member are placed at the two sides. A steel wire as the additional strength member is also applied ,then, the cable is completed with a black HDPE sheath.
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Product Advantages

  • Good mechanical and enviromental characteristic.
  • Anti-UV charateristics meet the requirements of relevant standards.
  • The mechanical charateristics meet the requirements of relevant standards.
  • Soft ,flexiable ,easy to lay and splice,and with big capacity data transmission.
  • Meet various requirements of market and clients.

Product Specifications
Cable Construction Details

Number Of Fiber 1~24core
Strength Member Material Galvanized steel wire/FRP/KFRP
Diameter 2*(0.5~0.8)mm
Self support Messenger Wire Material Galvanized steel wire
Diameter 1.0mm
Outer Sheath Material LSZH
Diameter 1.8±0.2mm
Cable Size(Height * width) 2.0(±0.1) mm × 5.2(±0.2)mm
Cable Sheath Thickness Max. 0.8mm/Min. 0.4mm
Messenger Sheath Thickness 0.5~0.7mm
Cable Weight 1~2core 18.2KG
4~6core 18.5KG

Cable Mechanical Characteristic

Items Description
Installation Temperature Range(℃) -20+60
Operation And Transport Temperature(℃) -40+70
Min Bending Radius(mm) Long term 15D
Min Bending Radius(mm) Short term 30D
Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Long term 300
Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Short term 600
Crush Load (N/100mm) Long term 1000
Crush Load (N/100mm) Short term 2200

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