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Part Number NFT-ODPS-08

Part Name      NextFiber, Telkom Indonesia ODP Solid 8 Core
NextFiber, Telkom Indonesia ODP Solid 16 Core

ODP Solid Splitter

NFT-ODPS (NextFiber ODP Solid Splitter) can be installed on Poles, Walls and inside the Closure Pedestal. The ambient temperature ranges from -25°C to 65°C.

Dimension and Capacity

Outside dimension (LxWxH) : 350x292x91 (mm)
Weight (excluding outside box) : 1.7-2.3(kgs)
Number of inlet/outlet ports : 3 (pieces) on each side
Diameter of fiber cable : Φ8—Φ15 (mm)
Maximum capacity : 8 port adaptor
(number of connector ports) : (1 Splitter 1:8)
16 port adaptor
(2 Splitter (2 x 1:8))

Part Number

Part Name
ODP Pole / Wall 16 Core with Emboss Logo
Oxygen and ANS | FCST

ODP Pole / Wall


  • Widely used in FTTH Access Netowrk.
  • Telecommunication Network
  • CATV Network
  • Data Communication Network
  • Local Area Network (LANs)
  • Uncut Cables Application .


  • Industry Standard User Interface, be made of high impact plastic
  • Can accommodate 1x8 & 1x16 PLC splitter
  • Anti UV, Ultra Violet resistant and rainfall resistant
  • Up to 16 core FTTH drop
  • Wall and Pole Mountable
  • 3 inlet port and 16 outlet port

Part Number

Part Name
Joint Closure Inline xx Core with Emboss Logo
Moratel ANS|FCST

Join Closure

FCL-L06 Optic Fiber Splice Closures is another new member of FCL-L Series fiber optic splice case family. It can be used in outside plant, underground, aerial, pedestal and direct buried applications. The FCL-L06 Fiber Optical Splice Closures inherit the good features of FCL-L Series fiber optic splice case family. At the same time, it decreases the manufacturing cost, which make the product more cost effective and guarantees high quality.


  • Reasonable structure design and constructed of a high performance chemical-resistant raw material, PP+GF20%
  • Reliable optical and resist electric performance
  • Innovative waterproof elastic entire sealing
  • Unique strength member clamp assembly
  • Several sizes with interchangeable parts
  • Multiple cable entry options
  • No special tools required Varying cable port sizes

About Us

PT. Arthan Nusa Sentosa (ANS) di dirikan pada akhir tahun 2014 dengan konsep bisnis adalah supplier material di bidang infrastruktur telekomunikasi. PT. Arthan Nusa Sentosa (ANS) mensuplai produk pasif material FTTH, FTTB, FTTX serta memenuhi kebutuhan klien lainnya untuk beberapa project.

PT. Arthan Nusa Sentosa (ANS) diprakarsai oleh Bapak Rahmad Widjaja Sakti serta Bapak Alex Jerry Sutanto.

Dengan umur yang masih tergolong muda, PT. Arthan Nusa Sentosa (ANS) selalu dan terus berupaya mensukseskan project untuk  mensuplai produk – produk sesuai kebutuhan klien dengan komitmen “Menjaga Kualitas Produk, Memberi Pelayanan Terbaik, Menjaga Kepercayaan serta Memenuhi Kebutuhan Sesuai dengan Permintaan Klien”.

Beberapa klien yang sudah bekerjasama dengan PT. Arthan Nusa Sentosa antara lain ;

  • PT. Mora Telematika Indonesia (Moratelindo)
  • PT. Sarana Global Indonesia (SGI)
  • Palapa Ring Barat (PRB)
  • Palapa Ring Timur(PTT)
  • Home Internet
  • PT. Bali Tower Sentra (BTS)
  • PT. Infrastruktur Bangun Sejahtera (IBS-W)
  • PT. Inti Bangun Sejahtera (IBS-T)
  • PT. Tekno Infrastruktur Sukses (TIS)
  • Serta beberapa Vendor Operator

Contact Us

PT. Arthan Nusa Sentosa

Gd. Perkantoran EightyEight @ Kasablanka Office Tower lt 19 Jl. Kasablanka Kav 88 Jakarta Selatan. Phone : 6221 – 6602061
Jl. Raya Jembatan Dua No.16/2 Jakarta Utara 14450


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